Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jokes at work today

One customer walked into the store.
She got very excited upon seeing the new price for the T-shirt she had been eyeing on 
and she goes like

"Oh my god! Is this selling at Rm29.90 now?"

"Oh, i love it, i would like to get it."

"You know, i already have one, and i still want to get another one."

"Your price here is like stock market ar~~~, the price goes up and down so fast one~!"

Well, i couldn't agree more.

Then, while clearing some stock out for display.
I asked one of the staff to quickly hang out the items for displaying purpose.
And the conversation goes like,

Me: "Fadil, please paste all the new price sticker and i'll help you to hang it out later."

Few minutes later, Fadil was paging me on the walkie.

Fadil: "Yvonne, i already done pasting the sticker and all the item i already hang it out."

Me: "Wow, great. So you already hang yourself, and you don't need my help anymore. That's great. Thank you."

Well, there's goes a great laugh.


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