Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Angry bird is everywhere in China~~~

China is a beautiful place if you ask me.
I always wanted to go there since i was a kid.
Reason? Maybe is from the influence of Hong Kong TBS KungFu drama 
which was part of my mum daily dos back in the 90's.

If i have a chance, i would definitely want to work there.
For 3 years maybe~

  But there is a problem.
In China, is funny how everyone seem to be having the same characteristic 
equivalent to an angry bird.

You'll see the tauke quarrel with the customer
and customer quarrel with the tauke.
The taxi driver quarrel with the passenger,
and the passenger quarrel with another passenger.
Then there's the husband quarrel with the wife
and the wife quarrel with the husband
++ if they have kids, you'll probably see the kids crying at the top of theirs lung.

They will quarrel even on a very simple matter.

That got me wondering, if i were to work there.
Will i become an angry bird also?
I think i will.
Still want to work there?

Yes, for the sake of travel.

Xitang, Jiashan. April 2016
LingYin temple, Hanzhou. April, 2016
West Lake, Hangzhou. April, 2016


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