Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yes man! No more~

Is funny how huge this world can be and yet how little things that we can change. 

On that morning i woke up feeling extremely suffocated.
The next thing i know, i was in the hospital.
I made a call to work and inform on my absentee.

After few hours in the hospital, i was told by the doctor
that my right lung was blocked up by phlegm. 
He told me that my asthma was back again.

Okay. I guess that should explain why I've been feeling so 
suffocated and restless for the passed few weeks. 
Oxygen deprivation.

It's kind of funny how recently there're just so much troubles 
to be dealt with.

I have survived the month of September
whereby i was relocated to a new city based on an extremely inhumane schedule
with no house, no transport and no one.

Then came October.
The month where the mind no longer can think and function clearly as before.
The month where the body felt extremely worn out.
I carried through each day with the mind kept yelling and sending me this message of quitting.
But i drag through this month.
With a dispute in my reputation of works and great scarification of health. 

By November
I can felt that i'm slowly adapting.
But then came sickness and illnesses.
Can i push through this month?
Can i push through the next month?
Can i still push through the year?
 Quitting the work is never an option.
I still love what i do.
But, cutting bad people out 
(not to say 'bad' as define universally but inconsiderate to the point where it can be call 'inhumane'),
 seem to me now is definitely the only option that i have had.

Is funny how huge this world can be and yet how little things that we can change. 
ans it's even more hilarious now just how this much little things that we can change in this world 
 but we never seem to be able to change one's perspective,
 if he/she choose to held on to theirs old belief.
*shrug shoulders

When you ask your employee to resume back to work
after that particular employee have just experienced oxygen deprivation in the head,
and was being rushed to the hospital
i guess you are just plain devil that should get your head reoxygenize for more common sense.


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