Friday, May 23, 2014

よこそ!日本! Day 2 - Yokohama

Day 2

I got up pretty early in the morning today and saw a few mens
raising the Nishokki outside. 

Rising flag

Today trip was meant to stay over for a night in Yokohama.
So i got the chance to check out Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan.

Sorce from the net

Reached Yokohama quite early in the morning.
Colleagues decided to go shopping
while i alone want to check out the surrounding.
So we spread and i kinda lost my way
to somewhere nearby.

Spotted this ship which was turned into a museum.

 Spent 500 yen and went in to have a look
since i got nothing else to do~

And i met this veteran on the ship
who had given me a special tour
for FREE

~how lucky~

Then suddenly many kodomo came
and kacao~

Well, this uncle was very excited about like everything~~~
He showed me from room to room and explain like almost everything~

And he told me that this ship used to travel to Sarawak Borneo~

Then he was super exited again (after learning that i'm from Sarawak)
and helped me taken many photos.

"  ここ!こち!"

Below photos all thank to him~

Then i went to crash some ships before i earned this certificate

So lame~

Here's how the bicycle parking lot look like in Yokohama.

So empty

Teacher? With kodomo~ So cute

After the company convention, we went for a big feast and i met my previous mentor~
I don't remember much of the food but i do remember the peach sake recommended by her
taste so nice~ I've had two big cup~ and i finished up her cup too after she left~
Hohohoho~Scary lei~

Me and colleagues
Whole restaurant conquered by us

Night in Yokohama was pretty nice~

Kena tembak by all because i'm the only one with a different pose in this photo

Well well~ this pretty much summed up the whole trip
in Yokohama

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