Tuesday, May 13, 2014

よこそ!日本!Day 1 - Narita, Roppongi, Akasuka, Ueno, Senso-ji

Day 1
Arrived in Narita Airport wearing only
a pair of Heattech Denim pant + Denim Shirt (Long sleeve)
while my colleagues all dressed up like ketupak.
Still secretly thought that they were wearing too over.
Until the moment i stepped out of the airport
and in millisecond time, i transformed into a member of the ketupak gang.

First stop after checking in to the hotel
we went to a nearby kopitiam 
where i made my first order in my entire lifetime through a vending machine.

The space was quite limited.

Forgotten what i've eat. But it tasted good.

First meal in Japan. 780 yen mee.

Next stop. 


 Having no plan at all. I just stick up to my colleagues like a shadow.
I don't know what is the name of this place but judging from the crowd, it must be
a tourist hot spot.

The ketupak at the main entrance

Just like usual tourist hot spot.
Rows of token collectors in exchange of token with your sparkling interest to pack everything back. 


Hair accessories

Hello Kitty kuih

Mask. I had bought the biggest red mask you see now. 

The interior was pretty crowded. 
So i only went in, poked my head up to have a close look at what the prayers were doing.
Nothing much to see and so i cabut.

Tokyo Skytree can be seen from here

Spotted this and decided to give it a try.
However, it came with this 
'Mi ku ji. Hyaku-en'
and beside it, there's a statement
claiming that you'll get bad luck without the Hyaku-en.


Well, who cares for the hyaku-en anyway.
The god love me and still promised me a good luck in future.

and here's the result for the one who did care for the hyaku-en

Well. She gave another tried then.

While i went to wash my hands for more good fortune.

Freezing cold water.

Few minutes later~~~ I went back to check up on Miss fortunate.
Turned out, she's still praying. 

As for the result
Well, let's just say maybe better luck next time.

After Akasuka, we headed on to Ueno

This place is quite similar to our pasar malam.
Didn't bought anything here but eaten a nice big strawberry for free. Hoho.

Nearby shoplets

Ted was still famous here. UFO catcher quite cheap if compare to Malaysia.

Then this scary fish heads caught my attention. It was placed outside a restaurant.
I wonder what purpose it served.
Still fresh~~

Well, this pretty much sum up for my first day trip in Japan.
Off to join in the Wesek street troupe at Melaka now. Hoho
Will update the remains soon.

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