Saturday, April 5, 2014

Your age. My age.

Surprisingly, i got up pretty early today. 
~~~and suddenly have the mood to post something up here.

Morning Peeps~
I've been sleeping lightly recently.
Maybe because of all the thinking about works.

I used to believe that age matter.
A person of 30 years old and a person of 18 years old.
The maturity level cannot be place together for comparison purpose.
That's what my logic used to tell me.

But now, i knew that my logic have misleaded me.
Characters, attitude and a person beliefs
are the three things that really defines a person age.

An 18 years old may not live for that 12 years in which the 30 years old had lived through.
However, the fact is, when given that missing 12 years to the 18 years old.
He can be even more successful by his thirtieth than that current 30 years old fellow.
Because the 18 years old have already possessed the three qualities which the 30 years old are missing.
All the 18 years old fellow needs, is time, to groom that values and beliefs into maturity.

Age doesn't matter.
Now i truly understand that 'Age', can only does it best 
to the physical maturity of a person but not the mentality of a person.

There're just too many living example around us.

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