Friday, January 17, 2014


Yeah. Irritant.
How you'll define irritant? Just google it and you'll understand.

There's plenty to be name whenever you are, whatever you do. They'll always be there.
Sometimes, you just hope that you can be that "god-like" 
and ignore them as long as you play your part.

The fact is, you'll never be able to be that god-like as you imagine yourself to be able to.
Well, how i define those i'll label as "irritant".

No 1: They show up late, leave early

No 2: They don't turn their work in on time. 

Always delay and always expect someone to finish it up for them.

No 3: They have an excuse for every failing.

"I know how to do this, but i just don't want to do it."

Wait, there's more

No 4: They harass you and others

No 5: They ask too many self-explanatory questions.

No 6: Neglecting details, compromising

No 7: Repeatedly challenge you and others.

The worst

No 8: When they interact with customers, vendors, and people lower than them on the corporate hierarchy, they are impolite, grouchy, uninformed, misleading, inappropriate or simply wrong.

No:9 They do not give in the effort but they expect to be pay 'millions'.

For like seriously~~~ i'm screaming this inside my heart every times~~~


I just hate to work with difficult people but it seem like they are everywhere.
So i 认命
because this is 马来西亚
we were taught to be late for everything
and take everything for granted.

My trainer told me,
"You need to learn to work with difficult peoples, not to detach from them."

My question to him,
"How can you be that positive?"

Because when dealing with problematic peoples like this
I found that productivity decreases, frustrations rise,
morale goes down and customers and employees get upset.

So i guess the best way is to spray myself with
repellent for this kind of irritant.
Anyone selling this repellent???
Sponsor me some~~~ i need a whole bunch of it!

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