Friday, January 3, 2014



1. Be strong. Living by myself in a big big house.
2. Be mature. Talk less. Listen more. Think more. Do more.
3. Be safe. For people who love me.
4. Be healthy. For you. For me and the future.
5. Wear my retainer everyday. For the sake of RM3K spent.
6. Improve my memory. Sleep early. Eat good food.
7. Travel. Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Visit borobudur.
8. Pass my exam. For peoples who believes in me and had given me the chance.
9. Say 'Thank you', 'Please' and 'May'
10. Go home to mum and dad more often.
11. Sit for JLPT exam.
12. Spent more time with friends. Don't just disappear.
13. Be inspires. Develop myself to someone even better!
Learn from all walk of lives!
14. Remember the moment!

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