Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moving out of the city~~~~

Wow~! Can't believe the last time i'd scribble on this page was way back in June.
Well, i brought some news back.

I'm finally able to move out of KL!!!!!
*Fire woks!!!!! Champagne!!!!!!! Big applause!!!!

You know how much i hated the city.
Finally, i'm moving out very soon!!!!
Superd happy and anticipate for the day~~~~!

Life been a blast ever since i've choosen to join this company.
I can say this is one of the best decision i've made.
I've learnt and growth so much that i believe i'm heading to that point
of maturity which i can take charge of my own life well.

Wish me luck~~

Great day ahead~!!!!!!
Time to get some rest~

But....i still saw damn hardworking police officers blocking road outside

Still next time~ Ciao~~


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