Friday, April 19, 2013


I made this especially for him. Cute lei~~~
Trust me and you're a pig. Triple the size.

He look just the same like the cake lei~~~~
See. My skill so geng~~~!

I poked the candles on the forehead. 
Have no idea where else to poke.

After removing the candles.....

彼氏: "Yer~~~there're holes on my forehead....."


And then is time to cut the cake.

彼氏: "But i don't want to cut my own face wor~~~"


After taken the first bite....

彼氏: "The flavour you likes huh. Mint~"
 彼女: "Hehehehehehe...."

So, there goes~ wondering where i bought the cake?

I'll tell ya when i met ya~~

Buddies Graduation~~!!!

Finally joined the first ever graduation in my entire life
excluding my own.

I've not been to any of my siblings graduation before, i missed all 3 of them.

Yet. I'm here for theirs.

I took this photo which i love very much. It would have been better if Spiky face was not covered. 
From left to right: Yan Qian, Yee Hing, Harley, Spiky & Jing.

Congrats buddies~~! 

The "Ah Sei" of the day~

Me and Spiky

Finally. After one month, all your faces were on my blog.

All the best to you guys~~!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Host Trailer Background Song

I've been seeing the movie, 'The Host' trailer on TV recently and the song really caught my attention.
 It was really a good song. So, i did a google search for it. 
And here goes the result

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Play it. I'm sure you'll love it~~

Outta here for my sweet Sunday~~!


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