Saturday, December 21, 2013


I thought KL is the worst city i've ever stayed.
Turned up, there's one more to top the list.

Minus all the heritages attraction they have here.
Melaka is a city that have nothing else to offer.
I wonder why majority of the peoples here are so different
from the usual statue quo.

The moral values here can get you screaming

When you cross the road on a green pedestrians light, 
suddenly there's car zooming pass you and when you look at the driver.
They'll have this expression to offer you


This is just one of the example.
If you've experiences any of this....well~

Welcome to Melaka!
The reckless city occupied by rotten values, ethics and moral.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moving out of the city~~~~

Wow~! Can't believe the last time i'd scribble on this page was way back in June.
Well, i brought some news back.

I'm finally able to move out of KL!!!!!
*Fire woks!!!!! Champagne!!!!!!! Big applause!!!!

You know how much i hated the city.
Finally, i'm moving out very soon!!!!
Superd happy and anticipate for the day~~~~!

Life been a blast ever since i've choosen to join this company.
I can say this is one of the best decision i've made.
I've learnt and growth so much that i believe i'm heading to that point
of maturity which i can take charge of my own life well.

Wish me luck~~

Great day ahead~!!!!!!
Time to get some rest~

But....i still saw damn hardworking police officers blocking road outside

Still next time~ Ciao~~

Thursday, June 27, 2013

KL is big city so i'll have more chances here~~~ bullshit~

I just read up a friend blog and i couldn't stop wondering why there're so many peoples who thought
KL is a place shimmered with opportunities to be big~~~~

Yes. There's definitely more jobs offered here but let me just ask a question, 
"Is having more job opportunities = more chances to be 'big' one day???"

When i went for interview with companies that have branches all over the whole country,
one of the unavoidable question they'll definitely ask me is this

"Where would you like to go?"

and when i asked all the candidates who went for the job interview

"Where would you like to go?"

99% of them would answered me this


then i ask 'Why?'
and here goes the replied

"I want to work in KL because KL is a big city, is the heart of Malaysia, 
is big mar~~more chances here lo~~i want to experience more. The building here is tall, the office have a good view from higher ground, is so cool. Whatever i want, i can find it in KL."

Yeah. Hell right. Experience more you said, as if in small city you don't stand a chance to experience more.

As long as you have money, you can have anything you want. It doesn't matter where you are.
As long as you have the determination and plan, you can become what you want to become. It doesn't matter where you are. 

If you are choosing to work in a city simply because you want other to look at you like this

"waaa~~~he/she is working in kl~~~ in a very tall building~ he/she always eat good foods, always wearing the most in trend stuffs. yada~yada~"

Then the cost for dignity will be huge.
In the end you'll find that instead of earning the experiences you want,
you are instead paying more for earning them.

Friday, April 19, 2013


I made this especially for him. Cute lei~~~
Trust me and you're a pig. Triple the size.

He look just the same like the cake lei~~~~
See. My skill so geng~~~!

I poked the candles on the forehead. 
Have no idea where else to poke.

After removing the candles.....

彼氏: "Yer~~~there're holes on my forehead....."


And then is time to cut the cake.

彼氏: "But i don't want to cut my own face wor~~~"


After taken the first bite....

彼氏: "The flavour you likes huh. Mint~"
 彼女: "Hehehehehehe...."

So, there goes~ wondering where i bought the cake?

I'll tell ya when i met ya~~

Buddies Graduation~~!!!

Finally joined the first ever graduation in my entire life
excluding my own.

I've not been to any of my siblings graduation before, i missed all 3 of them.

Yet. I'm here for theirs.

I took this photo which i love very much. It would have been better if Spiky face was not covered. 
From left to right: Yan Qian, Yee Hing, Harley, Spiky & Jing.

Congrats buddies~~! 

The "Ah Sei" of the day~

Me and Spiky

Finally. After one month, all your faces were on my blog.

All the best to you guys~~!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Host Trailer Background Song

I've been seeing the movie, 'The Host' trailer on TV recently and the song really caught my attention.
 It was really a good song. So, i did a google search for it. 
And here goes the result

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Play it. I'm sure you'll love it~~

Outta here for my sweet Sunday~~!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Angpow from Najib

Wuahahahahahahaha~~~ Angpow from Najib~~
Angpow!! Angpow!!! 

But it's empty~!


Thank You~~

Now it's time to unlike the page~

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter to AirAsia

                                   Dear AirAsia,

I've stayed up one whole night for this but failed to redeem any. 

So, i waited few more night until this promotion was on. Yet, i still failed to grab any of it. 

How could you do this to me? I want my holiday~~~ T___T

                                    Want More free flight


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