Sunday, December 2, 2012

The perfect job

A few years back, i thought about life after graduation and never did i ever imagine one like now. 
I have thought about starting my own business.
I have thought about travelling as a job.
I have thought about lab works.
I have thought about grabbing my luggage and move to the other site of the world.
Which i used to think is kinda cool and definitely a must-try experience~
In fact, i'm still waiting for the best time.

Yet now, after graduation i had already changed 4 jobs and none of them
 were the above mentioned. Haha.....

I cherished the experiences and knowledges i've gained from all these jobs.
The peoples i have met, some were the mentors, some were the bullies,
while some were the finger-pointers.
Regardless of who they are, i accept what they have to offer because i know this world
was only made possible by all peoples. There was never a perfect person hence there was
always space for improvement. Just like there's no such thing as a perfect job but there's
always room for you to make things better. 

Is time to start blending my own flavour of life and not buying the flavour i thought i want 
which never turn out to be the one i want. Whose know the surprise i will taste?

Bring it own~ YO~!
 Japan....aimed....ready to shot`~


  1. Japan??? Seriously??? Wait me too !!! I wanna leave here!!!

  2. If you ever need a wedding ring, come Genting find me. I might be there choosing the best one for you. XD

  3. Hahaha...I never thought that 'grab_your_luggage_and_move' can be a job. But to think of it, i love the idea of 'writing while traveling' as a job. The only downside is...i don't have that much savings to constantly travel (T_T)

  4. Hey Garner~ how you doing over there? haha...i'm trying my best to seek for one that does. hohohoho

  5. lol....anything can be :) we juz need it to be better



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