Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family business

A few years back, through a blogger
I've started following this cool blog on Japan's Culture by Danny Choo.

Never did i know that,
this guy was 

 Jimmy Choo's son. 


It was only until recently, i've read an article
published in the newspaper about this guy

(Dunno the name in English. Haha.)

And only then, i knew.

So, this got me thinking.

For them,

Father = Shoe Designer for the late Princess Diana.
Son = Famous Blogger on Japan's Culture.

as for me,

Father = Electrician.
Daughter = Future biotechnologist. *aisek

Hoho. So, how bout you?
Are you following your father footstep?
or are you following your own path?

Which ever it is, always remember where you are now
are because of your own decisions. Always be glad and make life interesting.

Drawing by 钟惠业, check him out and yes, that's Komtar at Penang. 

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  1. hey, thanks for your sharing yeah. i did notice that working in Foreign counter tends to be earning more especially in the service industry. I have a cousin currently earning RM12,000 per month at Saudi Arabia working in the nurse/medical line leh~ However, the things that we can comfort ourself to work in Malaysia is that we can always see our own family instead of long distance family seperate feelings. anyways, it is up to different individual lah...



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