Sunday, November 11, 2012


I've just turned the flower banquet i received on the day of my graduation 
into this~~!!

The notebook i'm gonna be using for 2013~!!


So, what you think? Am i brilliant?

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Okay! So on the day of my graduation,
i drove all the way from Ipoh to Kampar
Alone~and without any accident~!

Wu~~Bravo~ Bravo~!
Kind of a huge achievement for me~
This should be the highlight of the day of my graduation given
the fact that my mum wouldn't even allow me to drive her auto car
 alone back in my home town.
You guys were so wrong about my driving skill okay~!

Just that i got lost on my way back and boyfriend ended up searching high and low Ipoh for the poor me.

Anyway, this post is kind of late~~
OvertimeSSSSSSSSSssssssss and late night job have taken all the times away from me~
Yet, i still have a lot of gratitude message for my friends in which
i couldn't stand a chance to tell them on that day itself. Anyway, is not too late to say it here.

I though about skipping this graduation ceremony at first, 
given all the troubles and cash needed to be spend on it 
but i'm just glad i've made the choice to attend it.

Meeting and seeing you guys once again really touched the bottom of my heart.
Ever since foundation, we built fond memories together and you guys truly have
given me all the support that i needed throughout this journey.

To Michelle and families~~
First of all, i owned your parents a big meal!!
They have been so kind and generous with me.
 I have taken and learnt a lot from them.
I do wish them always in good health and happy always!
 Thank you Aunty for the lovely sunflowers~ That bear does look like me~!

Michelle, i want you to know that you have been a really great friend!
Great friend that i believe in which a person would have taken a life time to seek and may not even met
and i'm just glad that i didn't needs a life time to have met you.
I believe in fate.
You are the first person i've met during our first orientation and
you are the first person i've met on our graduation day.
Fate brought us together. Why am i using this old fashion line here? 
We have overcame all the tortures and hectic days this journey had brought us.
I'm just so glad that we've made it together from the starting point to the end point.

I couldn't imagine how my university life would have been like without you.
You were always by my side ever since my campus life begun.
Now that we are graduated, i know that the chances to met may not be that often anymore
and the fact that i'm a FFK Queen~~ ahahahaha
but hell yeah! I'll be back to haunt you whenever you missed the wicked laugh~

To TE4 rians~
You guys know who you are.

Henry, back in foundation, if it wasn't for you, i'll have nowhere to place all my stuffs on
the night the sohai LKP went nuts. Having you under the same roof as me is a bless too!
I appreciates all the free foods and soups you and Xiao Cui made for me. Not forgetting all
the laboratory reports you helped me on. Thank you for every things.

Rainnie, you came to me as a very good brother.
Throughout my university life, there's never a dull moment with you around.
Thank you for all the funs and laughters.
 Thank you for always being a supportive friend.
Thanks for borrowing me your laptop when mine was down.
Thanks for the birthday cake you brought me.
Thanks for helping me catching scary bugs.
Thanks for taking in my clothing when it's raining.
There's just too much to mentioned~~

Bond, i know you wouldn't be reading this
but i still want to thank you for fetching me whenever i asked for your help.
I missed your deep monotone voice~ haha

Sau Ting, you were the first person i met in UTAR.
Always there to remind me of the details i may have missed out.
Thank you for letting me staying over at your house when you knew that
i wanted to visit Batu Caves. That trip wouldn't have been possible without you.
I remember the night i had an accident with Scott.
Thank you for being so organized that when things get messy
we still have a guidance that show us what to do.
You are the sun that keep all planet in orbit.

This post is getting a big long now and yet i still have a lot of message to so many friends.

To Ah Jing,
I still have a lot of thing to say to you but right now
i could only say thank you!!! I love the katak you gave me!!!

To Yee Hing,
Enjoy your Taiwan Trip, wait ya back and i'll goes down to play puzzle with you.
Lol~~ Thank you for every things!

To CO friends!

Thank you guys for the flower! Love it!
CO has definitely painted more colour to my university life!
Greats to have met you guy!

To Spiky, Marcus, Yan Qian
You three idiots couldn't be there in person but i know you guys were happy for us.
Let's meet up one day for a big meal!

To Jestrine,
Need not say much. I'm waiting for the day we goes shopping together again!!!
Ngek~ ngek~

To UTAR!!!!!
Finally no more bills to cut hole in my pocket! and annoying forms to fill~!
I'm glad that i got rid of you!!!


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