Monday, September 3, 2012

Namewee at Miri

A few years back, this guy posted a video at,
singing the national anthem in his own style,
causing a catastrophe and the next thing we know
'A new star was discovered.'

I bet every Malaysian knew of his name.

Coincidentally, Namewee was here in Miri during Merdeka Day to promote his latest movie.
'Hantu Gangster'

My sister was the one insisted of going to the event and
after much  pleading persuasions, the next thing i know,
 i'm stuffed into the car along with WeeSiong while my sister happily
drove her captives to the slaughter ground.

The event was held at Permy Mall which took about 5 minutes drive from my house.
To be frank, we all thought no one will be there but turned out
it still took us some times to locate a parking space outside the mall.
So, we reached just on time to witness him going on stage.

Okay, so after some introductions about the movie they finally asked for 8 audiences to join them
on stage for a game. Winner will be rewarded with gift.
Upon hearing of the word 'GIFT'
my eyes lit up and then

Hey peeps!!!!

I'm waving to the audiences with Amber Chia eerie face behind my back.
Yep. I'm one of the eight.
*Oh~someone waving back at me~ Hohohohoho/ perasan betul ni

Deep in thought. 'I shouldn't have wore this big lolipop tee~!'

She's telling us the rules of the game and only then i realized

'Exclaim the phrase 'Hantu Gangster Kuih Kochi' in your very own unique way'
That's how the game was played.

Okay. So, I thought I'll do the Gangnan Style Dance while saying the phrase out
but i cut the idea off after imagining how i'll look like.
 In the end, i do some ghost scream and reached out for the audiences to shout for me instead.

Receiving my free gift from Namewee
A group photos

After the game session, there's goes the poster-throwing session
and then the autograph session.
I left after the poster-throwing session.

The reward from Namewee.
Gave it to WeeSiong since there're neither TGV nor  GSC here in Miri.

Not a bad trip after all.

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