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Istana Nurul Iman. Hari Raya at Brunei Darussalam~~!

When is the best time to visit Brunei?

Definitely will be during Hari Raya Aidilfitri~!!!


The Royal Palace is open to public during this festive season!!!
You'll stand a chance to meet the royals and also gaining an insight of the palace.

What's more?

Free flow of foods and beverages.
++ Free gifts.

 Cool huh~!?

I've made a trip to the palace on the second day of Raya this year.
Despite millions were there, it only took three hours for the whole progress from 
eating, scanning, waiting, greeting and receiving free gifts. *Given that you are a lady. 
For guys, it probably took more than this as the average percentage for male visitor was higher.
The time could have been shorten if i didn't spent that much times on eating. XD
I believe i've spent 1 hour time on foods. Hahahahaha~~~*Hungry ghost

Try to be an early bird if you want to avoid the heat during noon times.
For my case, i reached there at 9am. My cousin drove me there so 
I don't have to spent times searching for carpark. Is a bliss that they have buses
 waiting right beside the main gate area to shift visitors to the entrance. I noticed that
some visitors are already making theirs way back by this time. I wonder what time they got up.

Brunei map logo on the main gate of the royal palace.

Buses were provided for visitors!

Once i got to the entrance, i was stunted!!! Is a whole lot different from the main gate area.
Peoples were rushing, pushing, squeezing not forgetting sweating here.
Now came the part i hated the most, a Bangla man behind me just wouldn't stop pushing
and trying to squeeze pass me although a kid was right beside and
I was right in front while we were standing at the staircase.
 He definitely deserved a stomp on the feet from me. Muahahahahahah~~~ *evil laugh.
Luckily, it didn't took much times before i managed my grand entrance to the palace.
Finally reached the point where male and female were separated out. Fresh air at last~! 

Officers serving the royal waiting to enter the palace.

The crowds at the main entrance!

Before waiting "in line" to get the plate, one must goes through the security check up
 (similar to the airport security check up) and body temperature measurement
 before they declared you 'clear to enter' by sticking this on you.

After that came another looooong wait to get the plate. Due to the fact that i have to secure myself 
from crashing the royal plate, i gave up taking photos of the foods served. 
Anyway, some of the foods served included curry, rice, italian pasta, fish, cocktail sausage,
 chicken, beef rendang, goat and etc.
 It tasted so good especially the cocktail sausage!!! Love it !!! 
After the main dish, you get to roamed around the dinning area for pudding, 
kuih-muih, cookies and also beverages.
 Is all free and you get to refill as much as you want~!!!
I see Head~~~and more Heads

Collected my plate from this beautiful lady here.

The hungry ghost with her pudding and cookies.

After the big feast, is time to be seated and wait for your turn to give 'salam' to Her Majesty the Queen 
and princesses. Also, because i'm considered an early bird it only took a few minutes wait and soon the 
policewoman gestured for us to enter the next waiting hall. The second waiting hall was huge and 
sparkling was the first word that came into my mind. Beautiful architecture~! 

Me, Sis and Mum

The first waiting hall

The second waiting hall. 

A mother with her kids were seated in front of me and the kids were just sooooo cute that i couldn't help it
 and secretly snatched a few photos of them. You probably have noticed that they were wearing the same
 designed. Is a tradition the Bruneians practices, usually the whole family members will wear the same design
during Raya. Lost and found were easier in this case. I'm just kidding. 
This is a practice that i found genuinely beautiful and sweet in Brunei.    

Yes. They posed for my camera.

The cute test!!

It is almost 12pm when i'm waiting at the second hall and the policewoman was gesturing at the watch among
each others. This must be the signal for a break. Luckily, they let my line through before they stopped the
rest. So, this was the last "waiting in line progress" before entering a grand hall to give salam to Her Majesty
the Queen, princesses and royal members. For guys, they'll be greeting the male line of the royal members.
After this, you'll get your free gift which was the small yellow box i'm holding in the photo below.

The last wait

Me and sis with our free gifts. Cookies inside.

Finally, i've reached the end of this post and i'm really lazy now. So, i'll let the pictures do the talking.

Hope you'll found my information useful for your trip to the palace next year~! 

Men in black.

We've choosen to walk down instead of taking the bus for the sake of taking photos.

Kena a police halao after taking this photo. 

The police was blowing whistle at me halfway through taking this photo.
 So, lesson learnt here. You are not allow to disturb the guard on duty~!
I'll definitely make another trip there for years to come if given the chance. 

Last but not least.
Choose an appropriate outfit if you are planning to visit the palace.
Personally, i felt that it is very impolite to wear jeans, slippers, sandals, short, pant, mini skirt,
 or t-shirt to the palace although i did saw some visitors wearing jeans, slippers and sandals.
Dress code is important as it show your respect to the culture. 
What more the person you are greeting is Her Royal Highness? 

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  1. This is definitely a the only chance for anyone to get into a Brunei Palace.



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