Thursday, August 16, 2012

In search of a new identity

I have a bad feeling that my laptop is going to kaboom sooner or later.
In order to prevent this from happening,
i hereby declare to shut myself off from the internet world until 
the poor thing have all the rest it needed.

Anyway, it'd been months since i'm released from the big prison in Kampar.
Most of my course mates have got themselves a new identity.
Hoho...congrats to all of you~

and now the million dollar question~

What's bout me?

Well, let's just said that i'm still at the progress of seeking myself a new identity 
and i have a feeling that it's going to take a looooooooonnnnnggg time.


Currently, i just need lotsa of rest ~
Just like my lappy~


Now. Introducing my new recipe~

Mashed potato in butter cheese + milk~!!!

Who dare to try?


  1. I thought that's ice cream when I saw the picture in FB!!! HAHAHAHAH!! How much butter you use?? A block?? Fattening wei!! lol! :)

  2. Doesn't matter how long you take to find yourself as long as you are sure that is exactly who you want to be! Am sure the mashed potatoes taste yummier than it looks! XD



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