Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saturday. Rainforest World Music Party Bash!!!

I believe million of peoples were here tonight.
Given the number of times i was stepped on the feet!
It's just so crowded that no matter where i went
there will be peoples.

Unless you have a media pass with you.
Then you'll have access to goyang kaki at this place.

#1 Call me a big show off~~ Muahahahaha~~~Wuahahahaha~~hehe~ no lah

Anyway, just remember to watch your footstep~!
I spotted a lady fallen from the walk path and got stuck.
You wouldn't want to end up like her.

By the time i made my way to the jungle stage, it was already packed with peoples.
I still managed to be at the first row though. *Proud face

The first to performed for the second night was 
'Gongs of Malaysia'

Instead of limiting the performance to the stage, the organizers merged 
the players with the audiences.

Excited faces were seen chasing around the gong players.

Okay, now i sound like i'm writing my lab report.

Some was taking photos while some was getting a hands-on experience with the gong.
I felt like chasing them too but given where i was, it would be better for me to stay on the spot.

#2 Traditional graceful dance

#3 Gong players from different ethnics and different ages.

#4 Young gong players

The gongs have done it part and the next performance is what i've been
anticipated for~

#5 'Khusugtun' from the Mongolia

I've watched their performance in Youtube previously
before coming for the real show and i can assure you that
it is really a different story to watch them performing live!
The throat singing was really amazing and i just can't stop myself
from mimicking the way they do it. Although i sounded like a pervert.

Throat singing is what we called the Humai (呼麦) in Mandarin. 
Basically, is like humming with two pitches,
producing two key notes at the same times,
one at a higher pitch and another one at a lower pitch.
They played few songs which truly symbolical to its origin.
Many peoples gasped when they opened their mouth to sing or should i say throat?
Is really something you don't get to see that often 
What more? You get to hear them live!
#6 The only female Mongolian Zither player of the Khusugtun, Chovjoo.
#7 The woodwind aka percussion player
Seriously, i want this guy to be my sifu~!!!

#8 Other instruments played

#9 Their hairstyle was really interesting~

Drifted back from Mongolia, up next was 
'Danyel Waro' from the Reunion Islands.

I got to say the lead vocalist was pretty cute in a way.
Peoples were dancing and moving around and he followed suit.
The more peoples danced, the more energetic he was.
Is truly a moment where the audiences were enjoying the music and
the performers giving theirs best to the show!
We were all hyped!

#10 The veteran vocalist sang in the Creole language.

#11 He's really good at shaking~

#12 Interesting bow shaped one string instrument

Now, have a look at the crowd.
Sorry for the blur head, he jumped too fast.

After Danyel Waro, i was blew away by our local musicians.
The 'Diplomats of Drum'

#16 The tin whistler player

Hands up peoples! Is party time!!!!

I left before the end of their performance and was stuck in a massive jam for like an hours ++
because some morons inconsiderate peoples parked the car right on the road
which totally blocked the path. In the end, i only reached the city center at around 12.30am.

*Part of the photos uploaded here were credited to Sarawak Tourism Board


  1. Did you took any videos of the Kusugtun's performing the throat singing? Read your entry and it really did interest me to find out. Nice job!

  2. The one string instrument is called Berimbau.



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