Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rainforest World Music Festival 2012. Is the Last! ~~~So, Move! Baby, Move!

The one good thing on the last day
is that you get to watch more performances and there's this grand finale!!!
The time when all the performers will be on stage to celebrate the closing!!!

Neh~ speaking as if i've stayed for the finale.

Substituting gong for drum, we have
'Drums of Malaysia' to boost the audiences' adrenaline levels tonight.

There was local dance and drum players 
playing among the audiences similarly to previous night.
As for me, i'm finally chasing the little drum players because
they were showing me theirs butts
theirs costumes were quite interesting. 

#1 The drummers~~!

#2 Young drummers

I didn't managed the first row tonight because Garner donated my space to his foreign friend
=___= after i went to the washroom. Blame it on too much can drinks~~~
not forgetting Garner.
I still get good photos though so i'll forgive you. Eisek~

While chatting with the Turkey guy in front of me, the emcee came on stage
and introduced HATA to the stage.

HATA started off with a chanting-like kind of music
which i personally think it kinda match with the rainforest theme.
However, is not the kind of music which drives people to jump high and low 
so there's a temporary silent moment circulating the crowd of peoples.
Good thing is that there's the dae-buk to spark our interest.

#3 The first HATA player to performed

#4 Followed by the zitther player

#5 The huge drum, dae-buk
*Photo credited to Sarawak Travel

HATA to me is pretty unique.
Theirs music is spiritual at first and slowly evolved to a more joyous end.
They are like a classic cocktail with music flavours from around the Eastern world.
Personally, i felt that their musics were much more influenced by the Korean culture.
I didn't know much about Korean culture and to be frank
this is my first encountered with their traditional music. What a shame~!
They does have good flute though.

I believes they performed us for like 5-6 pieces. Some pieces intervened with solo performances from
 the er hu, oud, zither, drum set, sitar and flute.
Ah~~ the flute~
I would say its pretty emotional and close to the sound of nature.

#6 Spiritually beautiful

#7 The Korean flutist. Great skill.

#8 The percussionist of HATA He borrowed Harry Potter's spec.

#9 The keyboard aka Oud player

#10 The er-hu player from Hata

#11 This is the prove of me cabut-ing to another stage.

After the HATA, is the only show which i've been anticipating for since day 1.
Unlike all the previous performers, they played an instrument that is nearly
extinct through times. I first learnt of this instrument few years back in an article i read about.
So, it was like so hard to believe that i'm gonna see and hear it live~!
 Oreka Tx from Spain and they play the txalarpartas which is an ancient
Basque instrument originally used as a communication device.
They played this video during their performance.

Check it out people~! Is cool stuff you should not miss~! Trust me~!

#12 Stone made Txalarparta

#13 The Bouzouki player

#14 Yes, is a plastic tong. No doubt about that.

#15 Anything that generate sound can be used in the art of txalarparta. Used here was the makillak.

#16 The wooden txalarparta

# Joined by Khusugtun. A surprise for all~!

I likes the way the two musicians played.
 Energetic, strong and very joyful~!
I felt happy by just watching them play.
It really felt like they are communicating through music.

Part of their performance, just to give you a brief idea.

Other performance of the night included Mamadou Diabete's Percussion Mania, Samuel Dass & Prakash,
Rhythm of Borneo, Carimbo Drums, Native Chanting, Sape & Warrior and Kanda Bongo Man.

I'm already back to city center for the above mentioned. 
Let's just hope that other bloggers may cover the show above.
Oh ya! 
You may use my photos but do link me back~! Thank~


  1. Beautiful post here. Sorry for giving up the spot to the foreign lady. She's too adorable to resist plus she asked my help to fix her camera hahahahaha!. Anyways, did u use my Photographer Pass to get those beautiful photos? hehe~

  2. nice write-up.. eventho i went there all 3 days and at front row for most of the performance, i cant really remember whats happening and the progress, was badly intoxicated, hahaha.. all i know when i came back, i got lotsa pic in my phone..



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