Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Music Fever at the Rainforest~~~~~! First night~!

Finally! I'm back from Kuching to Miri.
Flight delayed and so was this post. Haha.

Well, i'll hit to the story right away.
Rainforest World Music Festival!!!
That's the reason i'm in Kuching.

I've been hearing about this music festival since ages ago but I'm poor
I'm not from Kuching and i just felt so not motivate to be there in person

 but finally,
I'm motivated!
The motivator?

Thank you guys for the opportunity to met the others cool bloggers 
like Lydia, Garner, Margeret, Priscilla and Fazli.
*Do visit their's blog too for more story on Rainforest World Music Festival
The show began sharp at 7.30pm as promised.
Not even a minute late!

There were two performance stage set up for the show,
first being the jungle stage and the next being the tree stage
so the audience get to move in between the two stage.

The first performance to hit the tree stage was 
  of Sarawak

#1 The warrior

#2 The sape player
*Sape is a traditional music instrument played by the indigenous peoples of Sarawak.

They performed for a short 5 minutes but is enough to set the mood and 
bring out the unique flavour of this music festival!!

Next up at the jungle stage was the winning team for the Rainforest Waterfront Fest 2012 Talent Search,
the Nading Rhapsody~~

Okay I just realized that i sounded like the emcee at the rainforest music fest now.
*Rolling eyes

#3 The Nading Rhapsody~ 
Photo taken by my Lumix~ Eisei~ so proud

Well, so the Nading Rhapsody, a group of 8 musicians from Kuching, Sarawak.
 They are new to the stage so i'm quite curious and doubtful  
 to see what they have to offer. 
At first, I was being stereotype and pompous as hell but when she sang,
her voice was so powerful that it send chills down my spine.
Immediately, I knew i was wrong about them.
The were indeed the champion!

#4 Female vocalist of the Nading Rhapsody - Opah Aspa

They played a few local folk songs including the well-known piece; "Burung Kakak Tua".
The one thing i felt about them is that they just know the magic to rock
our traditional gems. May it be the instrument played, the song or the clothing.
Everything just clipped together!!!

The end of their performance was marked by a full round of applause!
I'm the one clapping the loudest~ Eisei~

#5 See how the audiences enjoyed the show~

The next performance was held at the tree stage and because i was previously
at the jungle stage first row
so for the next performance at another stage,
 i moved not so(i'm moving at a fast pace already)
 fast enough than our long legged Caucasian friends
and ended up strayed so far away from the stage.

Since i'm having the media pass, so i just make full used of it.
Eh heh heh heh~~

In few minutes times, i'm already at the front row~

and i get to watch "Le Trio Joubran" from Palestine at the front row with ease 

#6 Le Trio Joubran

Le trio Joubran was formed by 3 brothers on a rhythm road.
Unlike Nading Rhapsody, they tuned us to a more lay-back Arab traditional Oud music.
Oud is consider the ancestor of guitar so you can imagine how old it was
and how excited i am to see them play.

#7 One of the brother

#8 The percussion player

Each song played by them tells us a story.
There was one song about war and peoples.
 and how they believe peoples from all over the world
have the ability to create love.
They started playing sentimentally and later switched to a more faster pace
which droves audiences to sway and dance along with the music.

Confront to the mood, they ended their show by switching to play percussion instruments.
That was really a bang~!

Anyway, given the lesson learnt just now,
I quickly moved away from the tree stage before they rounded up their performance.

I wanted to watch 'The String Sister' close up~
Few minutes of waiting at the front row again (I'm just too pro), the string sister showed up,
tailing one after another, each of them armed with the ever so beautiful violin or viola (unsure),
playing us traditional piece from the Ireland and brought us all a lively jiggly foot tapping session!!!

They doesn't just played, they sang too!
This lovely sister here sang us a song about a man who came back home and discovered that
his beloved was married to his own brother.
 Is in a language i don't understand but i still found myself enjoying and swaying along with the melody.

Other performances of the night included the Rhythm of Borneo, La Zikabilo and
the infamous Zee Avi. I went back after this to catch my bus back to town.
I felt reluctant to leave but is just too bad that i have to.

*Part of the photos uploaded here were credited to Sarawak Tourism Board.


  1. Finally, after a couple of days waiting. Now i manage to read ur posts. Nice writings there, yvonne. Love the style haha.

    We want more...we want more...we want more... :P

  2. Haha~ Thank~ I likes your too! I dont have internet connection at Kuching that's why i'm only able to update once i got back here~ see how rajin i am~

  3. LOL!!! You said my name wrong in your blog again!! Lydia?? Why you keep on remember me as Lydia? HAHAHAHA!!!

  4. ZZZZzzzzzzZZZzzzzz~~ Seriously, i was looking for lydia sim to tag in the photo i've uploaded at fb just few minutes ago.

    I dunno~ lol~ short term memory lost~ lol~~

  5. I kept calling you lydia and i kept calling garner as garnesh~~ =_=

  6. hi, thank u for ur kind comments. i read ur blog & ur really good at this. Thanks again for including us in ur blog.

    OpahAspa(female vocalist) -NadingRhapsody-

  7. Hey~ Thank you for that piece of information~ I've been googling for her name but it returned me zero result. Seriously, you guys rock!!! Wish you guys all the best on your rhythm road!!!

  8. Hello! Sorry only now dropping by. As I mentioned at Lindy's and to Garner, wanted to write mine first before reading all of yours cos you're all awesome and I didn't wanna be intimidated. XP
    So Lindy is Lydia and Garner is Garnesh? LOL. Good thing you got my name right then (except it's "a" after "g" hehehe)

  9. This is seriously one good site reviews on the Rainforest Music Festival.

    Cultures from different nations all come together in one package.

    Anyways, just to let you know. If you are in it for another round of rainforest music festival for year 2013, well, I just got the thing for you.

    Here is a link that I shared with friends and strangers. I have been using it to browse through my next trip and all. It was fun I am telling you.

    Do not forget to check it out.



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