Saturday, June 23, 2012

Safe and sound

I'm calm. 
I'm always calm when it come to thing like this.
I guess it just happened too many times that naturally 
i just know the exact phrase to say,
the exact thing to do and the exact respond to show.

Tumor or no tumor.
Life continue as usual.
I'll take this as part of a lesson.

Nothing could beat me down.
I just hope that the operation come sooner
and i'll be able to start doing what i wanted to do.

Life is never too harsh.
It is only harsh, when life have been too easy for you.

I promise. 
I'll be safe and sound for all who loves me.


  1. ...ini pun blog out...and no ppl reply XD

    Just dun forget to sound when u r going for operation lol...So that i can be ready for you to treat us makan big meal when convo or concert lol!!!

  2. Yeah lor, no ppl reply me so i must record here or else you guys donno how i die. What i treat you big meal, you should treat me big meal ar~~!



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