Sunday, June 24, 2012

Health hazardous!!!

The haze season is back in Malaysia again~!
and it just got worst at night.
Even if i'm in an air-con room, i can still smell the haze.
It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo~~ 


This explained why i'm still awake at this point of time
because i just &^%$^%$$#XX couldn't fall asleep
when each breath i breathed in was the molecules of P.L.K.!!!

P/S~ P.L.K. = Potential Lung Killer

FYI~ I make that term up. There is no such abbreviation.

It better be a rainy day tomorrow.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Safe and sound

I'm calm. 
I'm always calm when it come to thing like this.
I guess it just happened too many times that naturally 
i just know the exact phrase to say,
the exact thing to do and the exact respond to show.

Tumor or no tumor.
Life continue as usual.
I'll take this as part of a lesson.

Nothing could beat me down.
I just hope that the operation come sooner
and i'll be able to start doing what i wanted to do.

Life is never too harsh.
It is only harsh, when life have been too easy for you.

I promise. 
I'll be safe and sound for all who loves me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home sweet home

After two years, i'm finally home.
Nothing beat coming back home and 
really take the time to get a good rest.

Currently, it seem like my chances to land a job here are pretty slim.
I guess, i'll have to consider the alternative route provided.
There's really a lot to consider.

Anyway, i'd been to Brunei few days ago
and will be back there few days later.

The best part of the trip



Now, time to show you guys some Kungfu moves~

some cute moves~~

Attempting to scare my mum~~ but failed~!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last minute deal to Pangkor Island~~

Escaped from boredom to Pangkor Island just few days ago
after much persuasion by Jestrine.

We arrived in the morning, rented a manual iswara for RM90 and off we went
island hopping + snorkelling (gears included) for only RM 28.
Man~! That was cheap~~!

Below photo is the hotel lobby of my so-called budget hotel 
which is absolutely NOT budget at all.
Never ever check in this hotel. 
They do not even provide laundry service. 
"Beststay hotel" is the name of this budget hotel.
Remember that.

Once we got rid of our luggages, off we went to the beach.

The boat trip was superd!!!!!!!
It felt like as if i'm sitting on a roller coaster ~~!

As for the snorkeling ~~
Is sadly the worst among all the beaches i'd been to so far.
The sea water is not clear and there's no fish, no coral and
yup~~ is just nothing.
I didn't even spent more than 10 minutes at the snorkeling site.

To make up for our disappointment.
The boy dived in and caught some sea cucumber
  for us to play with 

The whole trip took us about 3 hours.
Didn't get to spot any sea turtle.

The rest of the day was spent visiting around Pangkor Island
and BBQ-ing at the beach side while waiting for
the sun to set.

Finally, the sun set~

While preparing to leave, a local guy gave us
some sea cucumbers for free.
 Jestrine was so curious  to play with the sea cucumbers
that she decided to brought them back.
Of course, they all died the next day since Jest
decided to practice her Thai massage skill on the poor creatures.

At night, we went back to the beach to look for this tiny sea creatures
that emit blue fluorescence light in the dark. 
Man~! That was so hard to spot!
I didn't even know whether my eyes were tricking me into seeing what
i wanted to see or it is really i'm seeing what i'm looking for.
Anyway, that's truly something interesting.
Picture obtained from the web.

The next day was spent snoring in bed + looking for good food
and of course shopping~~!

Overall, this is a great and short trip for me before heading back to Sarawak~
Thank to Jestrine for it~!
>_^ *Wink


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