Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moving on~

Finally, exam is over!

So~ what's now?

Time to prepare my resume and start knocking on doors.

But before that, i'll probably need to find a way
to move all my precious belongings back to my hometown.

This is really headaching.
I came here with one and only one luggage.
Now i have two cupboards, a bed, two cupboards of clothes, books
a bicycle, etc~~~

Mum told me to donate them all to charity.
Should i?

Maybe some~
but definitely not all~

Me: "It cost me a lot man~~! My baju is not cheap man~~!"
Mum: "Aiya~ your baju macam hantu~ i also don't understand why you bought them.
Just donate them to charity. You should be happy there will still be people wearing them.
So ugly~ just came back and buy new one lar~~!"

My mum is seriously not a good guidance.
You see. She's asking me to be a spendthrift instead of a saver.

Now friends~~~

Siapa punya rumah ada ruang bagi aku tumpang simpan?
Terima kasih~~

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Final exam

Final is finally here.
2 papers down
2 more papers to sit for.

1 more thesis to edit soon.

Hopefully, i won't get any D for this semester.
Fingers crossed~


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