Wednesday, April 18, 2012


IS HOT!!! IS HOT!!! IS HOT!!!!



Tonight at Kampar is really hot~~!!!
I can't fall asleep now!!!

By the way, i've completed my VIVA today~~
what left is another lab test by tomorrow and one more assignment
and thesis
before final exam again.

Less than a week times to study for the final~
Now, i'm seriously worry how am i gonna finish all the 22 chapters
for biochemistry papers.


God please shed some light on me~!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This semester is really restless~~~

Wa~ here am i again
Just when there tons of test, report and assignment
to bother about

i'm sitting here blogging about my miserable life with them

there'll be a test by 12pm soon
and i don't even bother to study anymore.
I'm already worn out by all these tests

Today is phytochemistry test + quiz.
Tomorrow is the due date for phytochemistry report on MTT assay +
Instrumental report on HPLC + Biochemistry test

Next monday will be Molecular lab test + Instrumental Assignment due
Tuesday will be my FYP presentation (VIVA)
Wednesday will be phytochemistry lab test
Thurday will be instrumental lab test
then friday will be thesis

who ever told me that their faculty is more tedious than mine
or you are more busy than me
 (especially to those who doesn't even work hard)
i'll screw you right on your face

and here's another story
Yesterday, there was this 8.9 earthquake which struck our neighbour country 
while i'm having my afternoon nap

i didn't felt anything at all since i'm sleeping anyway
but some of my friends said they were experiencing slight shaking

and just few days ago, there was this event themed 'Stardream' (kinda like prom night)
organized by utar students which is held 
on a cruise ( cool)
 which cruised out to ????? 
(i put question mark here because the event organizer doesn't mentioned where exactly the cruise is heading)

maybe somewhere around the penang boundary 

i couldn't stop wondering
what if this was held same day as yesterday Sumatra's earthquake or few days before Sumatra's quake??
so, that was really close~

Friday, April 6, 2012

End of week 12....what's next?

Every time when i start thinking~~

Yay~~ The test is over~~!!
Yay~~ The report was done~~!!!
Yay~~~ There's no more assignment~!!

End up there'll be more and more test~
More and more reports~~

Today is the last day of week 12, by next Monday all the final year students will
be having their final presentation on the final year project.
We call it 'VIVA'

I was the last student to have my VIVA for the entire biotechnology course (my batch).

So, two more weeks and is the end of the whole semester.
Final exam follow and woohoo~~
I'm graduated~

However, there're still 5 more tests and 2 more reports due by next week.
On top of that, my still not so perfect thesis~~ T____T
Super hectic!!!

My cash and pen drive (with my thesis saving inside)
 was stolen when i spent few minutes inside the computer lab
printing my tutorial yesterday.
This is the first time i ever lost something in the public~!
I wonder why there's so many smuggle around in the university.
Some students can even got their whole bag stolen at the library.
What can i say~
Too many unethical and immoral peoples nowadays~!
I'll blame it on our rotten society~~

Some memorable things that happened this week~

Now imagine this

Scenario 1:
Me walking with friends. 
Checking the correction Dr.Tee made on my final year project
while complaining how troublesome it was
to refit all the photos for my fyp......

Me: 'WA~~ Need to refit all this mei~~~ 很烦的lei~~!'

Scenario 2:
My friends started laughing very loudly behind me after hearing this.
So i turned my head and looked at them.
I saw their happy face...
At the same time, i also experienced my first ever 'heart-attack'

Scenario 3:
Dr.Tee: 'This is called "don't talk bad behind ppl back." '

Scenario 4:


So beside this "memorable" incident (i believe Dr.Tee will remember me forever from now on)
i did manage to be involve in some meaningful events with friends

like the 'EM Mudball making contest'
Nah~ dint win thought~ but it's a great experience..

and finally me, pei sing and wei shan worked on the CO T-shirt,
we managed to finalized on one design 
and it'll be in-print soon.

Well, there's not much i can do anymore.
I just hope to create more memorable days together with friends before
we walk our separate ways through this path called life~


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