Thursday, March 15, 2012

There is no such thing as 'REST' in UTAR~~~!

Recently, i've been working my ass off at an extreme level that i think i'm just gonna blow up soon.
There are tests every week, there are reports every week
and there's this thesis that we gotta complete before week 12.

Now that it's week 10 and time is running out...yet there're still so much that i gotta complete.
Having lecture from 9am still 8pm. Damn~
and Kampar just kept raining each time i wanted to cycle out to my campus.
If we skipped the damn class, there'll this super idiot baring system that cost you 
a seat for the exam.
 Then there's this high expectation from the university 
 that we are given more than enough time to work out everything before due.

Final exam right after week 14.
Thesis presentation begin right in week 13.
Endless tests from week 7 to week 13.
Endless reports to hand up.

Is this the way it suppose to be~~~???

I'm already at my last year, last semester and yet thing never ever change.
I'm never at ease!


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