Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I went to firefly watching at Nibong Tebal~~~

As usual, is raining again over here in Kampaar
and i just hate rainy day!

There will be another test this Thursday
and another report due this Friday.
Then it'll be weekend.
and the cycle proceed as usual 
another test on Wednesday
and another report on Thursday

Week by week and it goes on until final
On top of it, I'll need to finish my thesis before week 10.

Stressful Year 3 Semester 3.
Then there'll be no more time for extra-curriculum activity.
Is time to RETIRE to all this club activities!!!
I can say i have done more than enough for them
and is my time to say bye bye and wish them good luck.

Anyhow, i went up to Penang last weekend for the USM concert
and also firefly watching at Nibong Tebal.

This is my first time to spot firefly on a small boat.
Is not what i've expected but it's still a nice experience.

Here's one fact i've learnt about them.
Firefly have a very short life-span
Only live for up to nearly 18 days and they'll die after mating.
In short they
 live to mate and mate to die.

And if you are a UTAR student,
there's a voucher for package of 2 at only Rm15 
for this firefly watching trip which valid until June this year.

So, plan your trip now. Wakakaka~~ 

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