Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Class replacement at 10am today but i skipped.
I just hate replacement class.
My excuse: I'm sick.
The truth: Just too lazy to get out of bed.

Endless holidays, endless replacement.

Most probably, all the tests will be crumpled all together in a go
and i'll have enough to suffer through a few weeks before final hit again.


Nothing much for these two days, beside having a big baby
eating in my room and accusing me of not waiting for him before i went for my dinner.

Dr. Tee called out to me in lecture today.
I was not paying attention at all since we were already at the last slide.
Some more, he pronounced my name wrongly as well.

Chu Ching Yee
Ching chong yee

Dint realize he was calling me, not until Michelle jammed on my desk. 

Dr.Tee: What is this?
*using his laser encircling the word 'resveratrol' on the slide +
that i-gocha-look on his face
Me: A secondary metabolite found in plant, believe to have anticancer properties.
Dr. Tee: Like what type of plant?
Me: Peanut.
Dr. Tee: Which part of peanut?
Me: The root.


By night, the orchestra have another practice for tomorrow performance.
I was thinking of skipping practice at first because i just don't felt like
attending it. Anyhow, i ended up going since i needed to do something that can 
only be done at the campus.

Pretty glad to see all the peoples.

Hot as usual. I wonder when can we have our very own CO room with air-con
and a cleaner environment.

Went to Shunka with course mates after the practice
and get a free eggy meal from CO members working there.

Benefits of joining CO
and having friends working at the restaurant

Still then, signing off for tomorrow today 9am phytochemistry class.

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