Friday, February 3, 2012

Is February!!!

Life's been a blast.

 I wish time could be frozen
and remain just the way i am now.
(Minus the FYP thesis and it'll be PERFECT!)

I've been busy lately with my thesis writing
and never did i ever expect so much complication
on the data tabulating part.
I just hope that what i've been doing so far is right.

October is the soon-to-be graduation month.
By May, i should have complete my degree
and is off to embark on a new journey.
Although i still have no idea how it's going to be like now
but one thing is for sure.

No more study in the next few years!
I'm tired of studying.

There's a performance this coming Saturday
and while practicing i saw my acdemic advisor walking back home alone.
He's a geneticist.
A man who dedicated his entire lifetime to science.
Never marry.
Some times I do wonder how life was like for a people like him.

Anyway, here's a great piano piece for you guys!
 'Just the way you are'

~Enjoy the music~



~Just the way it is~

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