Saturday, February 25, 2012

Inconsiderate vs. irresponsible

Inconsiderate vs. irresponsible
which one is more annoying to you?

For me, it is both.
I have this friend who is inconsiderate and at the same time irresponsible.
Well, and i'm here typing this because i've been too kind with this fella
that i needed a channel to release my temper.

I just couldn't stand it anymore!
Although i kept telling myself that there're only a few more months
before i left this place for good and i should tolerate with all these matters
but this is just not the way it should be.

Living under one roof with peoples from different families is never easy.
As we are all brought up differently by different guidance and thus adapted
a unique behavior or habit of our own.
I do understand this
i just couldn't understand

Why can't someone just learn the right way to carry themselves well when
they are living under one roof with others?

Do you think it look nice with your underwear lying on the chair
or clothes lying around the living room?

Do you think it is others responsible to does all the cleaning around the house
 while you does nothing better than messing up?

Would you feel embarrass if someone point it to your face that your shit in the toilet bowl is not yet flush?

Anyone should learn to be considerate and know your own responsibility.
Simply trying to defend yourself with excuses is not going to win you anything.
You are only leaving yourself nothing than a bad impression to others.

You have all the time you need.
You are just simply a slacker
who wouldn't admit that you are one of them.

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