Sunday, February 19, 2012

From university to high school

It's been really chilly today!
How i wish Kampar weather could remains like this throughout the year.
Then i'll be very semangat cycling to campus. 

I went to UTAR 10th Anniversary Fest this morning 
after being persuaded by Yee Hing.

Yee Hing: 'Come lar~~come lar~~'
Me: 'If rain you help me wash all my clothes then i'll come.'
Yee Hing: 'Won't rain gua'
Me: 'Nah~you said won't rain one ar. If rain you wash all the clothes ar~~ 
I'm coming over now.'

Met my ex-roommate, Llyen who is so much prettier than before with her short hair.

There isn't much stall selling anything special than what you can get at the pasar malam.
So, i ended up buying a set of nasi lemak with orange syrup drink for Rm5, 
1 BBQ flavor pao, and 1 black pepper pao for Rm4.

I just want to finish the Rm10 voucher asap and fill up my hunger.

I later discovered that
this must have been the worst lunch i ever have had in my entire life.
The nasi lemak is super wak tak and the pao which looked promising ended up 
to be a taste of another nightmare.

Luckily, we conquered an air-con room to enjoy the lunch or else i'll go insane
with the foods already. 
I wonder where they acquired the courage to run a business by selling you this shit 'piece of art'.

 The Wushu Club Tai Chi Performers.

By night, i went to the Pei Yuan High School for their Chinese orchestra concert.
Spent another Rm10 for the ticket which i seriously think is a bit over-priced.
I'll give them 3 out of 5 stars for the performance.
Over all is so-so only but there's always room for improvement.

Seriously, their heritage hall is even larger than ours. Such a shame for UTAR.
We don't even have a proper stage.

Their conductor is even younger than me.

The only 4 representative from UTAR.

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