Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tea ceremony and farewell gathering.

I received a package deliver from my mum this morning.
Found it lying on the doorstep inside my house after i got back from breakfast.
I never knew the postman of Kampar practiced teleporting!
and i never knew that i've forgotten to lock the main door before going out!

Luckily, this is quite an honest postman or i'll be filling a report at the police station already.

All soon-to-be-graduating students of UTAR 
are required to join a tea ceremony with UTAR president today.
I thought of skipping it at first but since they are offering us free flow of drinks and foods
so why not?

The barely ever seen President of UTAR
The president gave us a talk on career, job interviews, etc, and 
halfway through the talk i found Spiky, Zheng Yang and also Yee Hing
concentrating very hard on....
Smashing zombie and cockroaches on Michelle's ipad
The founder of later came for a talk as well
but i went back home for a rest after the big feast.
The only thing inside my mind at that very moment was sleep.

I'm looking ahead to the talk by the pen drive creator soon.

Anyway, since it is my last semester here and as a senior of
my orchestra. I was invited to the farewell gathering organized by the juniors yesterday.

They presented me a trophy.
President of the orchestra and me
Haha. This would be the first ever trophy i owned in my entire life at UTAR.

With WeiXing, the beauty of  woodwind group. Haha
Tomorrow, will be the beginning of all replacement class ~~!!! NIGHTMARES!!!
I'm off to bed. Good night.

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