Saturday, February 18, 2012

Enjoy, Procrastinate and Lata Kinjang waterfall

It look like February is going to end soon
and yet i still haven't completed my thesis.


been delaying and delaying
works pilling up
exam coming soon

and this is the time i start wondering why
i've chosen university after two years working as a guli.

The guli life would have been so much more relax~~Mentally of course.
Ah~~ how i missed it.
I wanna be back to the time
i was working as a guli in the shopping complex!!

Only have to deal with customers,
need not face the laptop every night,
brainstorming for ideas,
memorizing endless tongue-twisting chemical terms
and rushing for report/ thesis.

*Sob~ i wanna be a guli.


Well, at least, i'm still qualify for the RM200 book vouchers.
Now, peoples my age. Jealous me not?

Anyhow, i felt pretty sorry for my blog's followers.
I didn't update as frequently as i used to now.
This space used to be an active site which i updated daily or at least once in two days.
but now~~

Since university life is gonna end soon, i'll be blogging more on how most of my campus encounters go then.

So, i'll begin with this scary creatures that seem to be getting used to human existence at my campus.
I was in the middle of a serious chat with Michelle at the cafeteria when suddenly
the guys at next table called out to us and warned us about this freaking creature
crawling underneath our table.

I was too shocked that i forgot to take a photo of it.
The komodo was eating those left-over foods on the floor
and it doesn't even bother to lift up it head to look at the screaming girls.

The wild should be the one that's trying to escape right?
I felt so threatened by this komodo when it doesn't even bother about my existence.
Well, to be exact. I think i should correct 'this' komodo to 'UTAR's' komodo.
Been seeing this creature crawling freely around the campus
and you probably have already noticed that there are more and more holes
underneath some of the buildings.

I wonder when one of the blocks are gonna give way and sink in.
I better start feeding the wild komodo from now on.
All the Utarians will be grateful for the good deed i've done for them
when classes and exams were all cancel.

Anyway, talk about wild creatures. I found this colony of Brooke's butterflies on a visit
to Lata Kinjang waterfall recently. Much bigger and healthier than those i saw in Cameron's highland
Butterfly Park.

Heard that this is one of the tallest waterfall in Malaysia.

Well, if you are living nearby like me and got now where else to visit.
This may be the right place to drop by and say hi.
It look like this place will soon be charging enter fee from visitor since
construction work are going on now and it seem like they are fencing the place.

So, pay this place a visit while it is still F.O.C.
It took me 20 minutes drive from Kampar to reach here and less than 20 minutes back.

Still then, bye~~


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