Wednesday, January 11, 2012

May god bless 2012~~

2011 has been really dramatic

I celebrated my first Chinese New Year in Semenanjung with friends
Thank to UTAR for ensuring that my semester break is one
with presentation and hard work.

Got shortlisted by AirAsia for the cadet pilot programmed
again. I'm so grateful~~

but then i was
Hit by a car just outside of the university gate
Damn that car driver who hit me!

I got healthy soon enough and
Visited Cameron Highland for the first time

is my first visit there~~

Then i've
backpacked to Cambodia with Jestrine

I thought we're never going to make it
but at last we did!

Got damn broke and moved into a new neighborhood
which also marked the beginning of an endless battle
with the cockroach armies every week.

Mum visited me for the first time ever since i came here
but is only for few hours before she went to another city
See. I don't even have a photo to prove that this actually happened before.

Throw up a music concert with friends from the orchestra.

The event was highlighted in newspapersSSS
which is something to be proud of.

Did my final year project

Final year project~~~finally~~~

A day trip to Pulau Pangkor 

before Christmas fall~

and have doctor declaring me of having a weak lung
which he suspect might be either lung cancer or probably MRT-TB

Now~ have a blast for 2012 before the end of my the world

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The darkest hour

Went to watch this movie 'The Darkest Hour'
with fellow friends.

Seriously, this is good stuff.
 I thought it was going to be boring at first but found myself totally hooked 
after the first few minutes.

It remind me of the game 'Left for dead'
Pretty breath-holding movie.

Be there to watch it.


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