Monday, December 26, 2011

Excursion: The Angkor Complex ~~~ The Baphuon

Right after we got out from the Bayon, the temperature suddenly surge to
an unbearable HOT HOT HOT degree!!!

Luckily Jest brought along the umbrella

Walked pass this big statue

Eventually we reached this ruins....i have no idea where this place is...
We kind of lost our way here and there are many stones laying around the ground

Then we saw this pond and an unknown temple nearby
which is kind of mysterious

I tried to locate where this place is from the free map i obtained back in the airport
but i just barely have an idea where i am

From far, i can see that the temple entrance was blocked and
it is kind of deserted so
we just took some photo and leave.

Anyhow, this happened back in May, i later learnt that in July this year
the temple is reopen for visit and those stones laying around the grounds were
actually from this temple.

The French restoration team have no idea
 which part it belong to during the restoration
progress so they just left it laying around. 

So, if you are planning to visit this place soon.
Do remember to leave me your blog link, if you blog about it.

Anyhow, since i was two months earlier for this temple.
The only thing i got to do here was...

Pretend that i'm a king and
Stroll down like a king!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ooops~ finally~~

Soon, it'll be the end of Year 3 Semester 2
and this semester is all about my FYP
If there's one thing i could have mention here
it'll be my lab works
and i just don't felt like bragging on the one thing
that's sending my hair standing on end at here again

So i'm left with nothing to update.
*I'm the queen of excuses

Since Year 3 Semester 3 is gonna be my last semester before graduation
i promise to scribble on this page more often 

At the moment, let me just call it a wrap here
by introducing you to this talented young boy

I'll be back with more stories after my final exam this Saturday.


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