Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 2011

The concert is finally over.
Is time i wave my goodbye to the orchestra
and place my dedication on somewhere else.

Now that my groudnuts are growing at a rate faster 
than i can possibly handle
Is really panicking.
I'll have to rush
but time is so limited in the lab
A whole day in the lab is not enough.
Thank to the brilliant autoclaving session 
which really caused me much trouble

Anyhow, i've been roaming around old town kampar today morning
with my fellow assignment group mates

The title of our assignment
'Historical building in Kampar'
Is due next Monday~
Can't blame us for doing last minute work
at least we did put in the effort
to interview all those veteran

Well, tomorrow i'll be heading to Cheras
for my forensic trip~
Will take lotsa photos to show you guys!
If they allow photo~~

#1 This is a Hakka dunno what association building. 
The association itself had been around since 1922 but they lost track of their own 
history dates back to 1978 due to burning of the building by the Japanese during World War 2.

#2 These traditional chinese chairs are all over a hundred years old. 
They said that the Japanese used to borrow them and later return to the association.
Camera man of the day~

Signing off for tomorrow trip to forensic center in Cheras.

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