Sunday, November 20, 2011

Excursion: The Angkor Complex ~~~ The Bayon Temple

The Bayon Temple
another famous temple
that is famous for


Yup~ Smile~

Smiley Faces of King Jayavarman V11/ Bodhisattva*
(* still under debate)

The first thing that ran into my head when i'm here
is the word


Gyee at the BAYON~~~ Finally!!!

The man in blue uniform checked my ticket here.
Gotta kept ya ticket safely up to this point
as there'll be fine if ya lost ya ticket!

Was damn tired too when i reached this point!
Jest kissing the Smiley Stone face~
I went to the interior of the temple first before checking out the exterior
because i was anxious to see the giant stone faces close-up

A little climbing up the very steep staircases
and i'm at the interior of Bayon!


Gotta be careful not to flip over and fell.
TIP: The best time for photo at this place was in the morning before 10am

I was here at the noon time. *Sob~

'Hey! Ancient stone face! Aren't you going to speak to me?'

While staring at that face, i actually thought of
The Tiki carving in the movie
'Night at the museum'
where it opened its mouth and talk

'Dumb Dumb, you better Run Run
or they're coming for a Hunt Hunt'

After we're done with the interior, we went to check out the exterior of the temple.
One word to describe it


But do remember to check out one more thing

The bas relief!!!!

Bas relief at the Bayon

A tour guide was explaining the story its implies to a group of tourists,
so i kind of became part of the group for few minutes.
It's mostly on story of the everyday life of the peoples back in the 12th century.

Anyway, restoration is on progress for this temple by the Japanese.

Maybe, it will look nicer in the future when the restoration project was done.
Hmmp...i do wonder how old i'll be by the time they finish this


*You gotta repeat this 216 times because there are 216 heads!!! 

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