Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Excursion: The Angkor Complex ~~~ South Gate/ Gate of Victory

After the Angkor Wat, the next stop will be the Bayon Temple.
But before that, you'll pass through this gate here known as The South Gate or 'Gate of Victory'
which is probably the only gate that gained the most access by visitors of the temple.
There are other gates such as the Gate of Death and so on....

I got down here to take some photo before going to the Bayon 
while my tuk tuk driver waited for us at the opposite site of the gate.

Well, on first sign this place looked exactly just like a gate
 and nothing much to offer
but if you study precisely at the 2 rows of statues
you will notice the differences

On the left hand side : The Deva (Guardian God)

On the right hand site: The Asura (Demon God) + one noob

From what i observed close-up, the different is at the head part.

Well, this two row of statues yet tells us another story.
Google it if you wanna know.

This gate is one of my favorite place in the Angkor Complex


I'm finally sitting on a big snake~~~!
(Not recommend though, it might be dangerous)

Did you spot the different expressions on each of the Deva??

Let me show you

Number 1: Grumpy Look

Number 2: Happy Face

Number 3: Er~~~ Stolen Head...replaced by mine then

Actually there're quite a number of heads stolen here
but it'll be replace soon after

Why in the earth would people want their head for?


but i'll definitely want this head in my house

So cute~~

P/S: Don't kill me~~~

Nah~ the South Gate after i went through it.

Stupid Ah Mo spoiled my pic~ 

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