Saturday, October 15, 2011

Music Camp

At last!!! 
I've completed my FYP proposal and is ready to be hand up~~~

Hopefully, it won't come back to me once again painted all in bloody red pen ink.
Is really frustrated when you put in so much effort on something 
and in the end you don't get the expected result.

Anyway, i've been having a lot of fun at my music camp for this few days.
Tomorrow will be the last day of the camp.
I'll be missing the fun with the rest of the members.

Turn out it was Jia Jing Birthday today so we bought him a cake to celebrate for him.

A group photo with the birthday boy~~
Just realized that my big head has blocked Shufen face totally. LOL~~

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Excursion: The Angkor Complex ~~~ South Gate/ Gate of Victory

After the Angkor Wat, the next stop will be the Bayon Temple.
But before that, you'll pass through this gate here known as The South Gate or 'Gate of Victory'
which is probably the only gate that gained the most access by visitors of the temple.
There are other gates such as the Gate of Death and so on....

I got down here to take some photo before going to the Bayon 
while my tuk tuk driver waited for us at the opposite site of the gate.

Well, on first sign this place looked exactly just like a gate
 and nothing much to offer
but if you study precisely at the 2 rows of statues
you will notice the differences

On the left hand side : The Deva (Guardian God)

On the right hand site: The Asura (Demon God) + one noob

From what i observed close-up, the different is at the head part.

Well, this two row of statues yet tells us another story.
Google it if you wanna know.

This gate is one of my favorite place in the Angkor Complex


I'm finally sitting on a big snake~~~!
(Not recommend though, it might be dangerous)

Did you spot the different expressions on each of the Deva??

Let me show you

Number 1: Grumpy Look

Number 2: Happy Face

Number 3: Er~~~ Stolen Head...replaced by mine then

Actually there're quite a number of heads stolen here
but it'll be replace soon after

Why in the earth would people want their head for?


but i'll definitely want this head in my house

So cute~~

P/S: Don't kill me~~~

Nah~ the South Gate after i went through it.

Stupid Ah Mo spoiled my pic~ 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Zero Progress

I'm stressed.

~Max Level~


I felt like my head is gonna explode soon!

The important thing is
whenever i'm stressed to a point like this

I just can't seem to think about anything at all
in the end
i always ended up doing nothing

which means

-Zero Progress~

and zero progress is not something favorable now

I'm in my final year
which also means that this is my last chance to fix thing right
Oh no~~!

I felt more stress now!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Excursion: The Angkor Complex ~~~ Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat
The most famous temple within The Angkor Complex

Nothing beat seeing it with your own eyes

I arrived here early in the morning, so most of the places are still very dark.
Read from somewhere before that the best time to visit this place is around 2.00pm
The time when you get the most sunlight and of course a better time to take tons of great photos.

Bear in mind that for every temple, there are their own unique stuffs worth seeing.
~~Even though they all look the same~~

So, here a list i made on the things i must see in Angkor Wat.


1: Go to Hell
      2: Go to Heaven
3: Bas Relief
                 4: The Secret Chamber

Now, you're probably wondering what i mean by going to hell and heaven.
Well, allow me to explain then.

So you see, this is a very large temple.
To put it simple, it is divided into 3 fields : Hell(地狱),  World(人间) and Heaven(天堂)
I've outlined for you in the following map if my memory serve me right

The bas relief is the first thing i saw once i got in.
If you are wondering what does this two words means, then see the photo below for a clue.
Note: Where you see the bas relief is where the hell lies.

The bas relief in Angkor Wat aka. wall carving

This link here will provide you the explanation you need on this
 including where you should begin decoding the story of the carving.

I have no interest on what story the carving is telling.
I'll probably forget everything even if i did find out what it tell

Eventually, i reached this place where it served as the king
main path to enter the mortal world.
Mortal = Man = Human
(Mind my english hoho)

I emerged from behind where i'm sitting. 

Got out from hell through here.
Now, press the scroll button and scroll up to the map above.
The place marked with 2 green color cross is where i took the above photos.

After climbing through the wooden staircases donated by a French man who wife was tragically
killed here. I found myself in the mortal world.

 At here i saw the lotus shape tower~ close up!
But still not close enough yet.

Spot me????
and i also found lot of Apsara carving here

Well, initially my finger was pointed at eh-hem~~ eh-hem~ You-Know-Where but then
a few Ah Mo tourists were staring at me so i switched the position.

Well, lot of nicely Apsara Carving here.

Is not an Apsara, is a Devata. Note the different.

 Jest attempt to copy the Devatas move~~ " PERFECT"

My attempt to copy the Devatas move~~

Yeah~! Laugh all you want~~~

I didn't manage to get anymore closer to the lotus tower because
the path to heaven was under

Why on earth every places i've picked to visit over the past few years
 were ALWAYS coincidentally having their construction ??

(Heaven of Angkor Wat of course =___=)

So, i only ended up in mortal world
and hell

They should give a discount on the ticket price.

Since my pity tuk tuk driver is probably bored to hell waiting for us,
we decided to leave this place
but before that

There is still one more interesting chamber!

Yeah! Is the secret chamber i mentioned above!

The only chamber in Angkor Wat~
known as 'The Echo Chamber or The Echo Room'
where it is famous because

the only thing you'll do here is to stand *'AGAINST' the wall
and strike your chest.

*note: is 'against' not 'lean on'

You'll get a booming echo of the strike.
Strike 3 times for Good Luck.

STRIKE 3 times for GOOD LUCK!!!
STRIKE 3 times for GOOD LUCK!!!
STRIKE 3 times for GOOD LUCK!!!


Didn't managed to discover the exact location though.
I'm just posing~


A tour guide i met later told me that it is in the hall of 100 Buddha's
to the left, where you see many broken head Buddha's statue.


The other one is located in Ta Prohm



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