Sunday, September 4, 2011

To the dentist~

Finally agreed to go to the dentist and got my teeth filled.
After someone promised to give me sweets~~~

Cost me a total of Rm70 for this.

The reason for the price
Dentist: 'Your teeth ar~~~!! very Deep ar!!!!'
Me: 'Got or not wor?'
Dentist: 'Still got 3 more small holes girl!'
Me: 'True mar~~~?'
Dentist: 'Here got one. Here another one and Here another one. And there~ the big one'
Me: 'Got so many miek~~~?'
Dentist: 'So i'll fill that big one first today.'
Me: 'Pain or not?'
Dentist: 'Scare now huh? Open your mouth.'

After a long process, i heard the same old dentist line again.

Dentist: 'You have to take good care of them. Later the small hole also become big hole. 
Know mar?'
Me: 'O~~~'
Dentist: 'Rm70 lah.'

Noob: Wu~~got 3 holes ar~~~ Tell you dont eat so many sweets de lar~~~'

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