Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 13~~~oh week 13~~~

You know what!!!!! I sold 4 tickets today!!!!
with a remaining of 580++ tickets

Alright enough for the cheering, is time for some serious headaches

Genomic and Bioinformatic Test 2 

Date : This Friday 
Venue : No idea
Time : Don't bother
Cover Topics : Forgotten
Progress : 0%


FYP Proposal and Presentation Slide

Due Date : Week 14
Cover Subjects : Too broad
Progress : 60%


Chinese Orchestra Concert Promotion

Tasks : A full list
Progress : 50%

After this week then i'll focus on promoting to the public.

Ah Pek, Ah Mu, Uncle and Aunty 
Please be nice to me and buy some ticket~~~~
Na Mo An Ni Ta Ba (Praying Hard) 

Cambodia Trip Update

Funny how this is still on the list 
Bah. I haven't even sort out the photos yet.

Anyhow, all these will have to be done asap!!!
Recently, i've been busy with booth duty and researching on my FYP topic.
My Final Year Project proposal really used up most of my time but
i'm slowly enjoying the process now.

Root induction from a Groundnut Cultivar by using different explants
That's my Final Year Project topic. 
So, i'll be working on the aspect of plant cells and tissues culture.
Hopefully, i'll be able to find more related journals so that i could start penning on my literature review.
This is the worst part because i really can't find any papers that work on root induction of groundnut.
There is shoot, callus, and so on yet nothing for root. 
The closes match i could get for my topic is a paper researching on
Root induction of Sugarcane plant

Groundnut Root.
Sugarcane Root.



Anyhow, i still managed to dig out some free times for entertainment.
Glad that UTAR brought in this 'Butterfly Lover and Love Songs Ensemble
organized by Perak Performing Art and Society.

Is my first time to watch a perfect movement of violin concerto - live.
And the best part is 'Free entrance' as long as you're a UTAR student.
Too bad it rained and i forgotten to bring my camera.

*sigh~no photo*

but i'm grateful to have him with me for the day. Haha~

Raining now. Sleep mode on. Cabut~

Violin soloist: Grace Lee from Singapore
*This photo above was stolen from Jian Ming...Hahahaha

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