Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm feeling fat

I'm fat.
 I just got myself measured by a body composition analyzer done by my nutritionist yesterday
 and guess what
the darn machine claim that my fat mass are slightly higher than the normal range

which is so not true
How could this be true?


'Yes! This is your result and here's a thing i want you to do. 
I want you to record all the food includes drink that you consume here,
note down the amount for me too.' said the monster while handling me the nutrition survey form.

'Wa~~~~need so mafan miek~~~' stare at the form in disbelief.

'Remember to note down all the things that goes into your mouth ar?'


.......and guess what....
i just consumed a pack of sweets and i don't think i'm going to note that down


oh darn....i'm feeling fat again!


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