Monday, July 4, 2011

Excursion: The Angkor Complex

I still remember the time i flipped over this page in my primary 4 history text book and
there was this tiny picture which fall right at the bottom of the page,
showing the ancient temple of Angkor Wat.

I was so fascinated by the temple and the surrounding greenery of the rambling
that i secretly promised to myself that i'll be visiting this amazing place one day when i grow up.

Har....and finally i'm here.

So, i'll do this in a chronological order because i'm feeling lazy to sort things out.

Woke up and get ready for the sunrise at Angkor Wat. 

Met my tuktuk driver and off to Angkor Archeological Park.
For your information, i am late for 15mins
 and don't be late if you don't want to miss out
the infamous sunrise at Angkor Wat.

Finally reached the main gate and got my ticket punched. 
I am very sad and furious at the same time because i thought that i'm going to miss out 
my sunrise at Angkor Wat.
The sky is already lighted and Angkor Wat is still so far away.
Still a long way before entering to the outer gate of Angkor Wat.
Finally, the outer gate is just behind me.
I found myself staring face to face with Angkor Wat after i got out from the outer gate 
but is still a long way to go. 
Angkor Wat!!! Finally!!! I saw you!!!
The sun is finally rising and i'm back to the happy mode again.
Thought i'm going to miss out the sunrise for being late.
The sun rising~~ Beautiful sky!!!
That's a 'Naga'.

A lot of place are already filled with tourists
so i just kept trawling down the walkway until i found a place less crowded with peoples
to took photos~~~

the sunrise is much more prettier than the sunset~~~

This is the hot spot to take photo of Angkor Wat. Damn crowded man!!!
Photo of the day!!!
I love them because they brighten up the whole place~~~

and this is me trying to capture a dragonfly
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There is a stroll of markets beside this hot spot area and lot of 'Scambodian' selling guide books and so on.
Just be careful not to agree to the first price!
 This man here is trying to sell me a copy of Angkor Guide Book for USD 21 something
and i told him i'm only willing to pay USD 1
which turn on his nerve and he then leave me alone for good.

Another kid selling the same book for USD 2 lor~~~
One last picture before entering~~

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