Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 3 of Year 3 Semester 1

I'm really anxious and nervous about meeting my supervisor today. 
Well, i'll be meeting him to discuss on my choosen FYP topic. 
Hopefully, he would turn out to be a nice person. 

It just seem like i'll be busy from now onward. 
Fallen pieces of puzzles are all finally back in order now.
Thank to potato for this and i just hope that the condition will still remains as what it was now.
Week 9, i doubt we'll be able to make it but i do have faith for making the concert a success 
with cooperation from the rest of the members. 
Throwing up an event like this at university level is not as easy as secondary time 
since cooperation is playing the main director here. 

Well, look like this site is gonna be silent for quite sometime
 until i have done all my homeworks, reports, duties, and assignments. 

I'll end this post with a glimpse of my hard works!!! 
It took me a week to finish this up since i totally have no idea how to use Abode Photoshop for designing.
From browsing YouTube videos to Googling and finding for suitable pictures to includes,
 it actually taken me more than a week times. Ouch!!!

So, i'll say the same thing over again.




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