Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunset at Phnom Bakheng Temple

After a long walk back to my hotel, i finally checked into my room half an hour earlier since it was available by then. I have a bath and slept after that. The plan is to have a good rest and met up with my tuk tuk driver by 4.30pm. I booked his service through online at here

It'd been a long tiring day considering we didn't have much rest the night before. I snoozed off right after i landed on the bed. By 4pm, i got up and prepare for my trip to Angkor Archeological Park. Jest was not ready yet by 4.30pm so i decided to went down and met up with the tuk tuk driver first. He gave me a hand shake and spoke to me in fluent english, then he asked whether i would like to have a photo with his tuk tuk. I agree to it and taken this photo below.

My first time on a tuk tuk

Jest got down by 4.45pm and we hit the road immediately. On my way to Angkor Archeological Park, I saw lot of kids cycling back from school on their own. Is interesting to watch them.

I reached by 5pm and bought my next-day entrance ticket with my face on it. They do so to prevent people from reusing the ticket. Total cost for a one-day pass = USD20. Gosh~ this is costly isn't it? but is worth it....i'd been longing to see Angkor Wat since i flipped over that page with Angkor picture printed at the bottom of my primary 4 history text book. 

Still, Angkor Wat would have to wait. The plan is to buy the next-day ticket today and enter the park right away for the sunset on top of Phnom Bakheng. They didn't charge you extra so i get to enter the park twice within two days time by paying for just one-day charge. 

At the bottom of Phnom Bakheng. The old path behind me was closed down and is no longer in use.
I reached the bottom of Phnom Bakheng around 5.05pm and the first thing that caught my attention was the elephants there and also the music in the air. 

Land-mines victims
I have to walk a short trip up the mountain in order to reach the Hindu temple set at the top. Now you understand the presence of the elephants. 
Heard that the path is not an easy one if you are caught in a rain.
Dunno what temple that you'll probably notice during your climb.
 This place is really ancient!!! and i love it!!! 
So you see, i'll be standing on top of that temple and watch the sun set.
Phnom Bakheng Temple
To reach the top of the temple, you'll need to climb up a very steep staircase. 

The moment i reached the top i was greeted with tourists...tourists....and lot of tourists.....Then there was this nun here praying. 

Nuns praying to_____

Lot of peoples were already there when i finally reached. There isn't any more nice spot left to watch the sunset, so me and Jest just went around taking photos. I wasn't sure what to look up for besides the sunset here. 

See all that tourists behind me~~~

I hate tourists

The only sunset view i'd taken
Peoples climbing down
 I got down before everyone does because i don't want to be caught between a flock of tourists while climbing down the steep staircase. Is pretty dangerous if you really did fall. I saw a French couples falling the upper staircase and got themselves bandages from head to toes. That's just very bad. 

Since the sun is setting there isn't much light left for us while climbing down the hill so make sure you leave earlier. We met a mandarin speaking tour guide who asked us to hire him for the next day trip but i turned it down. I rather spent USD2 on a book which would explain everything to me.

It was already dark by the time we got out of Angkor Archeological Park and is really dusty on the road that i decided to cover my face up totally like this.

Funny, i'm still wearing my spec although i couldn't see anything
i think i managed to scare the other tourist who is sitting on another tuk tuk beside mine while waiting for the traffic light to turn green and Jest wouldn't stop laughing seeing me like this. Memorable one, isn't it? Ha.

P.S~ Transport fee from hotel to angkor, two round trips for USD5. 

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