Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Decoration Manager

Well, if it isn't for someone i wouldn't even bother to agree into this shit! I swear i'll never gonna do this lame post ever again!!!

It took me 6 hours to paste all the decors stuff onto that board! A freaking 6 hours!!!! ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz and it didn't even look nice at all. HATE! Now i still have to work on another piece of shit that just keep failing. SHIT! and FYP topic is up this week, will have to decide on 6 topics. There really isn't much time left for anymore bullshit. I'm no longer in Year 1 or 2 and is really about time i double the effort on my study. The rest is not important anymore.

Now i got bugs and ants invading my room every night which really pissed me off!!!! Arggh.....!!! Just where the hell did they come from? I want to get rid of them permanently!!! I don't want to see anymore ants crawling around my room moving corpses of death bugs. Maybe i really should staple up the whole window with hard woods!!! Urgghhh~~~~!!!! Exactly at this moment while i'm typing this, tiny bugs are crawling on my laptop screen and i spotted some landing on my VECTOR! I'm really getting sick of bugs!!!!! ARGGGHHH!!!!

I'm buying ants poison tomorrow and i'm so gonna staple that window up!!!! WUAHAHA~~~ Don't blame me stupid ants!!!!

I met a moron during the recruitment drive of my chinese orchestra club yesterday. He kinda remind me of the black sheep in my class back in secondary time. I can tell that he probably didn't have any friend at all. Well, he sort of having some social impairment. What a pity. I wonder how it would become if he really did join our orchestra weekly classes. More conflict i guess. Assuming that i'm right, in that case, i guess is better to avoid him then.    

I'm going to wake up and forget every thing. Lab at 9am today and i'm still here blogging. Ah hahaha....double the effort on my study ya...i'll take back what i'd said. Bleh.

Nah...this is the stupid board i'm talking about....


  1. Wah... sound so angry geh? Haha... the board is not stupid and it looks good leh, good work :)

    Well, take the ants & bugs as your moving deco in the hse lo, when u bored, see them performance, no harm right? :P ok ok dont get mad ya. just dropping by say hi :) you may do what you like of course :)

  2. Don't let the bugs attack vector ah... Kesiannya.... XD



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