Monday, June 6, 2011

Around the street in Siem Reap on foot

Within few minutes walk out from the old market, i found myself in the Pub Street but as the name implies this place is meant only for the night. There isn't much shop open in the morning.

Pub Street in the morning.

Fish massage is found mainly throughout the street which cost around
USD2-3 for 25-30mins + a small can of Angkor Beer.
I didn't try it out since Jest said the fishes in the aquarium are mostly of different species from the one used mainly for fish spa elsewhere.

I found quite a number of shops selling crocodile skin-made materials(Genuine~~~ ).

This is not fake....Okay~~
The national flag of Cambodia.
After wandering on the street for quite some times, i then arrived at the Central Market. 

This place is much bigger and has a wider space than the Old Market but there isn't much people here. The vendors here doesn't call out to me as much as those at the Old Market. Sadly, there's nothing special here, all the stuffs on the rack are all nearly same as those found in the Old Market, 
they have some cute bag thought. 

The only thing that got my attention here is the lady who sell some sort of food by carrying it on a round tray that was balanced on top of her head. I was like a 'sakai' when i saw her and i later found out that it is quite a common scene in Siem Reap and even in Phnom Penh too.

The Central Market of Siem Reap
I ate my first lunch in Siem Reap at a small Chinese Restaurant nearby the Central Market. 
Well, most of the dishes are very familiar to ours and they even have Singaporean and Malaysian Dishes. I ended up with a plate of 'Cambodian Fried Chicken Rice' for USD2 and coconut drink for USD1. Wanna save money man.....the total cost for this lunch is about RM10 in Malaysian Ringgit already okay~~~

The first menu i browsed through in Siem Reap
Found something interesting on this page of the menu here below.....
Tehtama = “臭” 鱼煎蛋   = Stinky fish fried egg
Then, Jest suddenly have this idea of me posing with the coconut shell that look something like this. 

I do have big balls huh~
So, in revenge i secretly snapped this. 

Jest struggling with her coconut meat.
After lunch, we decided to spare two more hours at a shopping mall nearby but we never make it that far because we got lost half way. I found 'VNC' anyway. Is known as ‘Vincci' in Malaysia. Shoes still carry the same price tag printed with 'Made In Malaysia' on it but a freaking price of USD25 for a pair of sandal.

Spotted this man here across the road, i wonder is he selling all that stuffs.
Then this hotel staircase nearby Ta Phrom Hotel. I didn't look up for the name of the hotel because i'm lost somewhere and was busy looking for a way back to my hotel. 
Wanna save USD1 for the transport fee man~~~~ 

Nice, isn't it?

If i spent too much, i'll be like the kid that begged me for money on the street. 
In the end, i still managed to found my way back in time for check-in and 
yeah....that means i have taken my 'dirt road travel package' which cost me few penny to clean up my shoe  when i finally reached my destination. 

Overall, i think is actually quite safe to check out Siem Reap town on foot during the day time but you'll be hearing Tuk Tuk drivers honking and shouting at you endlessly. Yes, is ENDLESSLY.

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