Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Angkor Night Market

I spent my first night in Siem Reap visiting Angkor Night Market.
Well, one of the famous street in Siem Reap town.
I reached here around 8pm and is not that crowded yet.

Paintings anyone???
 Quite tempting to bring the drum back and the erhu-like instrument but 
since i wouldn't be using it and the price is so freaking expensive. I cut the idea off. 

Spotted another group of landmine victim street musicians. 
That's the name i'm gonna give them since i have no idea what they call themselves.
They are selling records CD as well, you can buy as a donation to them.

I found that their instruments are mostly similar to those in Thailand.
I believe is the same type of instruments.
Now, who influence who? I believe is the Chinese..Wuahahahaha....
check out that Yang Qin like instrument....

A Yang qin like instrument.
I actually found a video of a Thai girl playing that instrument.
Check her out...

This i believe is a Jakhae from Thailand as well.
The Jakhae
This is the surrounding area of Angkor Night Market. 
A lot of bugs flying around actually. 
If only those Biology students from Form 6 is at here, there'll be very happy
catching big bugs for their project. You'll know what project i'm talking about if you are from
Biology, Form 6 class.

Stuffs for sale. 
'Tiger Balm, Angkor Wat Balm, Lotus Balm, Monkey Balm.....'
It smell exactly like the Tiger brand oilmen we have here but the packaging is very cute.

I'm loving that wooden craving mangosteen but too expensive lar....
This stall here is selling all recycled stuff and i saw some fellow buying.

Wallet made out of newspaper, etc.

At last this thing here, i learnt about this statue before seeing it with my own eyes.
Guess what it symbolize...hehehehe

The Linga and Yuni.
This lady here is trying to sell us ruby which she claim was genuine for USD 25 each 
but when we turn to walk away she offer us each for only USD5.

The 'scambodian'

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