Monday, May 30, 2011

Year 3 Semester 1

I can't believe this is my final year! The first class for this semester; Entrepreneurship. I would say is pretty interesting. First day of class and the lecturer is already telling us not to be too factual but more on imagination and innovation of which i think is quite a challenge for a science student. Haha.

Well, hopefully the rest of the subjects are going to be interesting but it seems like genomics and bioinformatics, fermentation technology both are not going to be that easy. Hmmp...I'm taking Pendidikan Moral for this semester too which i think is a total waste of time. Never did i understand the purpose of this subject, nor during my high school time and neither is now. The worst part is i am asked to pay a huge sum of RM500++ for this lame(LAN) subject. Jerk~~

I'll try to be more active in this space for this semester. Hmmp.....maybe....


  1. Should say 烂 subject instead of lame. Lol~

  2. hey, tat bioinformatics very difficult d lo... I HATE it!!!



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