Monday, May 30, 2011

Siem Reap Garden Inn

For a budget traveler like me, i always seek for the MOST budget hotel i can get. May it be a guest house, inn, motel or whatsoever. I don't care. As long as there is a rooftop on top of my head and a place for me to refresh myself, i'm content enough. So, i stayed at this inn for 4 days and 3 night including breakfast which cost me a total of Rm64.50. The rate can be even cheaper if you are sharing a bunk bed with other traveler at other guest house but this also means sharing the same washroom and with no air-con. My travel buddy is not going to survive all these so I pre-booked through during a promotion and got this cheaper than usual rate but of course you'll need to book one year early before the travel date. 

Overall, i would give their services a 5 out of 5 stars. Why? 

1st: Politeness
I'd stayed in so many hotel before and even a 5 stars hotel do not greet me as often as they did. They greet you from morning to noon to evening and to the night and they smile whenever they see you. 

2nd: Facilities
Check out their web-site. For me, i found the multi-adapter socket, free pick-up service from airport, free-drop of service from hotel to nearby places like the Angkor Night Market, Old Market and Pub street pretty useful not forgetting the free internet access with their computer. 

3rd: Helpful
The reception staff helped me with my bus ticket to Phnom Penh and one of them even borrowed me his personal card-reader because i asked for it the other night before. 

The drawbacks.

1st: Lightning
There is enough light during the day time but we are only left with one small round-shaped dim light at night which is not bright enough to light up the whole room.

2nd: Water
I don't know whether this occur to every room but for mine, there is this strong smell of metal in the water and i have to brush my teeth with bottle water instead. 

3rd: The dusty road
Nah...see for yourself. In order to get to the inn you'll need to cross this. I thought of giving cycling a try since they are providing free bicycle for use but i cut the idea off as soon as i saw this. 
Think twice about cycling out or walking out unless you enjoy being cover in dirts.

Overalls, i still have a good time staying there and the owner of this inn is a Khmer himself. I have a chat with their staff and they told me they are moving soon and another new boss will take over this place. 
Maybe we'll see some improvement by then. 

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