Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The old market, Phsar Chas in Siem Reap

After arriving in Siem Reap Garden Inn, they quickly served me a cup of orange juice while Sokha helped me with the check-in procedure. Another two travelers were there as well, we have a chat and i was quite happy to found out that they were both from Malaysia too. Since we arrived too early and there isn't any available room at the moment. I just left my luggage at the reception and asked the two Malaysians to help me keep an eye on it before leaving to old town market.
Top: The van that AirAsia sent. Door at right side.
Bottom: The garden and lobby of my Inn. I just left my luggage there

My plan is to survey the price of souvenirs on sell there and see whether there is any interesting stuff worth bringing back. Since the time for check-in is at 2pm, i have plenty of time to roam around this place. I found it quite dark inside, not crowded but i found myself pouring a bucket of sweat after a few minutes walk probably due to the stuffy and hot atmosphere. Anyway, it is still bearable for me but not so much for my travel buddy.
There's a freaking cobra and scorpion inside that bottle. I dono what it is anyway.

There're quite a few number of shops there selling all sort of stuffs ranging from recycle-made bag, musical instruments, rattan bag, small pewter box, jewelery, gems, spices, T-shirt, silk, Buddha head statue, Apsara statue, keychains, pirated DVD, paintings and etc. The thing i don't like about this place is that they didn't place any price tag on the stuff they sell. So, is better to research for the price first before buying anything. I found most of the time the conversation with the shop vendors goes something like this

Me: 'How much?'
X: (scan at your appearance from top to bottom) '5dollars each'
Me: 'Wooo~ 5 dollars is too much. 2 dollars'
X: 'No. 2 dollars is not good for me. 4 dollars'
Me: 'Oh. No thank then.' (Start walking away)
X: 'Okay. How much you want?' 
Me: '2 dollars'
X: 'Okay. I will give you 3 dollars each.'
Me: 'No. I want 2.'
X: 'How many you take?'
Me: 'I need only one'
X: '4 dollars for 2.'
Me: 'No thank. I need only one.' (Start walking away)
X: 'Ok!!! Ok!! 2 dollars one.'

So, you see, just don't agree to the first price or even the second price they offered you.
It may be a different story if you are travelling during the peak season. 
I'm travelling during the low season so it's much more easier for me to bargain.
I found most of the vendors there are able to converse in simple Mandarin and Japanese, 
although the slang may got you scratching your head sometime. I didn't bought anything here. 
Haha because there are still other places that i want to look into before buying.

Since it's still morning, i saw the locals selling fishes and vegetable at the central walking space. 
It was quite interesting to watch the facial expression between the buyer and seller although i don't understand what their language. 
Most of the time they look and sound like starting a fight soon. Remind me of Malaysian aunties at the pasar. Haha.

I saw them sliced the fish right on the spot. Bloody scary. 
Chop~~ and the head went off....
Chop~~~ and the body spliced into half. 
Chop~~~ and the body spliced into a quarter.
This is the spot i found most crowded with locals. I wanted to take more photos 
but my travel buddy was already screaming to get out since the smell was quite overwhelming.
 So, we went to the other side where household utensils and materials were found. 

Jestrine anxiously checking on the map for a way out. Hahaha....

You can buy anything you forgotten to bring along with you here maybe shampoo, detergen or slipper. 
My travel buddy bought an adapter for USD1 here. 
We then decided to check out those places nearby since it is still early.


  1. ah market ... i think i won't even go into one because i can't tolerate the smell.

  2. Probably the most famous market in Siem Reap. But if you want to see an authentic one, you better visit Phsar Leu.



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